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How to select Vacuum Pump for your lab

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Traditionally, scientists and technicians have mainly used oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps or water vacuum pumps for lab work. However, these pumps come with a few disadvantages, as they:

Require regular oil top-ups

Are expensive to run

Require regular maintenance

Release some oil mist out into the immediate atmosphere

As a response to these drawbacks, dry oil-free pump systems have emerged as a favorable alternative. However, you will still need to think about your laboratory's needs in order to select the right pump system for you.

Here's a list of factors you should consider when making your decision.

Pump Application

What exactly will you be using the pump system for? Pump application determines the pressure ranges that the system will be required to service. Check out a pressure-range chart to determine pump choices available for your desired range.

Noise Levels

Watch out for loud pumps! A noisy pump may severely disrupt the quiet working conditions expected in a typical laboratory environment. Jinteng Vacuum Pumps with noise less than30DB.

Contamination Levels

Some pumps are more likely to result in contamination (either in the gases being processed or those being expelled) than others, particularly oil-sealed rotary vane pumps. Even with oil-filter hardware in place, these pumps invariably release small quantities of oil into the processed gas. Also, captured and recycled oils need to be purged to remove condensate, a process that releases some oil mist into the laboratory environment. To avoid these side effects, opt for dry pump systems,Jinteng Oilless Vacuum Pumps no need any oill and water,very clean for your working enviroment.

Size, Control, and footprint

These are three interconnected factors you need to consider when choosing a pump system. A pump unit that is too large will result in an unnecessarily large footprint. Large units are also difficult to control, especially if small, precise flows are required.Jinteng Vacuum Pump is small footprint and portable.

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Tianjin Jinteng Experiment Equipment Co.,ltd. is renowned as an experienced manufacture of Vacuum Pumps and Filtration Apparatus since 1993.

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