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Acid And Alkali Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

  • GM-0.5BF


Diaphragm Vacuum Pump(GM-0.5BF)

The new GM-0.5BF anticorrosive pump adopts double pump head design, double chamber. After  transformation and deep processing, precision has reached a new height, ultimate vacuum degree has reached 30 Mbar, more suitable for vacuum filtration, reduced pressure distillation, air concentration, centrifugal acceleration, solid phase extraction, etc.


• Speed of evacuation environment: 30 L /Min

• Extreme pressure vacuum : ≥ 0.097MPa (30mbar)

• Voltage : 110V/220V/230V/240V

• Motor power: 160w

• Inlet: φ 6mm

• Outlet: φ 6mm

• Temperature of working environment ( ℃ ) : 7-40

• Function : Vacuum

• Pump head : double

• Temp of the body (℃ ) : 55

• Dimensions ( L×W×H )( mm ): 350*130*220

• Noiselevel( DB) : ≤ 60

• Weight: 10Kg

• Diaphragm : PTFE Coated



• Corrosion resistance, able to tolerance almos tall strong acid (including aqua regia), strong alkali, strong oxidizer, reductant, and variety of organic solvents.

• Withstand high and low temperatures, can be used in temperature of - 190℃ to 260℃.

• Non-stick surface, most solid material and impurity particles can not conglutinate on the surface.


Vacuum adsorption

Solvent filtration

Vacuum distillation

Vacuum drying

Compressing and converting gas

SPE (Solid phase extraction)



Packing: The pump is packed with foam inside and carton outside,to protect the pump safely.

Delivery Method: by FEDEX/TNT/UPS/DHL, by railway, by sea or by truck.

Delivery Time: Generally 7-15working days,also according to the order quantity.

Tianjin Jinteng Experiment Equipment Co.,ltd. is renowned as an experienced manufacture of Vacuum Pumps and Filtration Apparatus since 1993.

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