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3-Branch Microbial Enumeration Tester

  • WS02002


3-Branch Microbial Enumeration Tester


This device can test 1 or 3 or 6 samples at the same time. So it

can save much time for experimenters.

Each filter holder has individual control valve.

This device often works with our diaphragm vacuum pump and receiving bottle

together. The Regulating valve of the receiving bottle is our patent product.It can

Microbial limit filtration system is a special equipment for microbial limit inspection designed and manufactured according to the relevant provisions of the Pharmacopoeia.

This product uses high-performance diaphragm pump, direct discharge, no need for suction filter bottle, and can be used with different pumps. The filter bowl and the holder form a complete membrane filtration unit.

During the test, the test solution is filtered through a membrane, and the microorganisms in the test solution are trapped on the filter membrane, and then cultured to form macroscopic colonies and counted to detect the amount of bacteria contained in the test sample. These products are suitable for microbiological restriction testing of purified water and water for injection.


· Built-in miniature high-performance diaphragm pump, no need to pump the filter bottle, greatly reducing the occupation of the console space, and more convenient to use;

· Button switch control with indicator light, easy and intuitive to operate;

· Three -head or six -head can be operated at the same time or independently, with high working efficiency;

· The head can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and can be sterilized by damp heat at 121 °C alone;

· The head can be quickly sterilized by flame to facilitate continuous experimental operation;

· The 316L stainless steel casing is mirror polished, the surface is smooth and flat, easy to clean and disinfect.


1. Filter Cup: 100ml/250ml

2. Filter Head:1/3/6

3. Detection Method: membrane filtration

4. Suction Way: Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Tianjin Jinteng Experiment Equipment Co.,ltd. is renowned as an experienced manufacture of Vacuum Pumps and Filtration Apparatus since 1993.

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